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Churning and Butter Making

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Churning and Butter making

There are many methods of churning and there are also many different kinds of churns. The oldest kind of churn is the dash churn. We have a churn at home which is called an overend churn. It is like a barrel fixed on a stand with a handle on it to turn it around.
First the milk is kept in the house for a few days. Then the milk is separated by means of a separator. The cream is churned to make butter and the separated milk is used as feeding for calves and pigs.
The churn is washed out thoroughly with cold water. Then the cream is put in the churn. In the winter tepid water is added to the cream and in the summer cold water is added. Next the lid is put on the churn by means of four screws. On the lid of the churn is a piece of glass and an air hole wichi has to be pressed to let the air out of the churn.
Then the handle of the churn is twisted for about twenty minutes, after which time it is know whether the butter is fit or not by means of the glass

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Maureen Kearns
An Baile Nua, Co. Bhaile Átha Cliath