School: An Daingean, Cuinche

Dangan, Co. Clare
Stiofán Mac Clúin Treasa Ní Chonmara
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0596, Page 007

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0596, Page 007

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    8.3.'38 Plague or Bad Sickness.
    There was a bad sickness called cholera in the district about seventy years ago.The cause of this disease was that the people were using bad food.The people who had this disease were not allowed to eat any food.They could only drink milk and water.Their friends buried them .Some people were buried in coffins and others were brought to the graves one by one in a coffin.The bottom of this coffin was on hinges and when the people who were carrying the coffin came to the grave they used open the bottom of the coffin and let the corpse fall into he grave.The doctors could do nothing for those people The priests had to attend the victims There is a house in Abbeyview,Quin where a priest died with this disease .There aren't any places still pointed out in connection with this disease .The people who died with this disease were buried in Consecrated Burial Grounds.
    Told by James Meany , Creevagh, Quin.
    Transcribed by a member of our volunteer transcription project.
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