School: An Daingean, Cuinche

Dangan, Co. Clare
Stiofán Mac Clúin, Treasa Ní Chonmara

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An Daingean, Cuinche | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0596, Page 053

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31-5-'38 To put two or three drops of turpentine and Tincture of Oidine in milk and drink the mixture .
Celery seed boiled in water to jelly and taken in small doses .
To eat raw celery .
Asparagrass as a table vegetable
A teaspooonful of dry sulphur in a glass of milk for three mornings fasting .
To keep a raw potato in each trousers pocket.

A raw potato
Scoup of sugar.
Pig's lard.
Cowdung placed between two pieces of cloth and applied to the boil
The knobs of fig wort chopped very small
and mixed with lard .
The roasted root of Meacan Táthú- but the person who has the boil should not stay in the house while the root is being roasted as they say the worm in the boil if he feels the smell would remove to