School: An Daingean, Cuinche

Dangan, Co. Clare
Stiofán Mac Clúin, Treasa Ní Chonmara

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An Daingean, Cuinche | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0596, Page 015

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.4.38.Story told by John Sammon, Quin,Co Clare.
In the bad times there lived a poor man who had a large family near the Caves in Abbeyview ,Quin. As he wasn't allowed to keep any fowl ,he had neither cock or hen to kill,to shed blood in honour of St.Martin .He had one pig and on St.Martin's Night in order to honour the Saint he said he would "bleed" the pig .The pig bled to death ,but on the following morning ,a sow with a litter of bonhams ,came out of one of the caves ,into his yard.From that day to this, the cave of called Poll na Muc.

John Sammon
Quin, Co. Clare
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Spancil Fair(continued)
People ware so thirsty that if he asked six pence for a glass he would get it.The following year the day was very wet and ever since the fair day is always sure to be wet.The people say that it is on account of the selling of the water that this day continues to be wet every year.

Told by Thomas Mc Namara
Hazelwood ,Quin.