School: Drom an Mhadaidh

Drumavaddy, Co. Cavan
S. Ó Murchadha
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0990, Page 082

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0990, Page 082

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  1. One game I play is "colours" give every child a colour except two those two are called "Devil" and "Angel" when the colours are all round the person who gives them says. "Angel Angel" when the "Angel" comes and names a colour, and if she doesent guess the right colour the person who gives them "says go home and wash your dirty face". The person who gives the colours again says. "Devil Devil" come. He comes and names a colour and if he his right the person whom he guesses will be a "Devil". Another is "Catle Atle" porter bottle out jumps the cork". The children all hold out their feet white some child goes round with a twig and says "Catle Atle" porter bottle out jumps the cork. The child who gets the cork is out of the game.
    Another is some child is tied with a string by the feet and see will he get up without falling. Another is some child has to hold a stick to his ear and make shure that the stick wount move and see will that person go round the stick for a half hour.
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    Brigid Cumiskey
    Glencorran, Co. Cavan