School: Valleymount

Valleymount, Co. Wicklow
Dll. Ó Cochláin

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0917, Page 144

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1 What is it which goes up the ladder with it head downwards. The nails in you boots.
2 What is that which I can hold in my hand and yet it will not lie in a great chest. A long spear.
3 Four stiff standers four lilly banders two hookers two crookers and a frisky bold. A cow.
4 When is a ship not a (spy) ship. When she is astern
5 When is a ship like snow. When it is adrift.
6 What tongue is that which frequently hurts you but never speaks a word. The tongue of your boot.
7 Why are blind heavy. Because they are led "lead"
8 Why are tall men the laziest. Because they are the longest in bed.
9 What is that which goes about the wood and cannot get in. The bark of a tree.
10 What pie has wings. A magpie
11 A little house full of food and no door on it. An egg
12 A field full of white cows and one big red one in the middle. Your teeth and your tongue.
13 What goes up when the rain some down. An umbrella
14 Why does a cow look over the ditch. Because she cannot look in under it.
15 Why does a hen pick a plate. Because she cannot lick it.
16 Patches and patches without stitches. A head of cabbage
17 I have a little house and it would not hold a mouse and it has as many windows as the Lord Mayor's house

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John Egan
Boystown or Baltyboys Upper, Co. Wicklow