School: Gusserane

Gusserane, Co. Wexford
Bríghid, Bean Nic Fheorais
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0871, Page 333

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0871, Page 333

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  1. The cruel deeds performed by the English soldiers during the year of "98" may be blamed for the acts of violence committed by the catholic peasants on their protestant brethren. The following story is told of a protestant youth who walked from New Ross, after the battle at Vinegar Hill, to Newbawn Co. Wexford in order to get his shoes which he had left to be mended some time before, by a cobbler named Brennan, Newbawn Co. Wexford. He entered the cobbler's house and sat down by a fire. The cobbler handed him his shoes and asked him to give a step of a hornpipe in order as he said to put a shape of his feet in the shoes. The cobbler took down his fife and the youth was on the floor waiting for the music to start, when the door was burst open and five pikemen who had followed the youth from New Ross, entered the house and surrounding the youth, told him he was a spy for the English soldiers and as such he would have to die. The youth protested, saying he was innocent of any crime. The cobbler also said he was a fine dacent boy that never harmed anyone. One of the pikemen made answer
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    Maggie Kearney
    Burkestown, Co. Wexford
    Mr John Culleton
    Burkestown, Co. Wexford