School: Gusserane

Gusserane, Co. Wexford
Bríghid, Bean Nic Fheorais
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0871, Page 387

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0871, Page 387

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  1. St. Patricks. It was an old custom to cut a furze stick and blacken it in the fire and make a cross outside on the arm with it. People also went from house to house to drink their "Patrick's pot" to "drown the Shamrock" as they said.
    Shrove Tuesday. On Shrove Tuesday if you never had a pancake for the year you were sure to have one on that day. In later years bracks and fancy cakes were made and rings put in them.
    Ash Wednesday. On Ash Wednesday it was customary to get ashes no one was allowed to get a bit of food until after twelve o'clock. Even small children had to fast and the tea was drank without milk the bread was made with water.
    Good Friday. On Good Friday all the old people who were unable to attend the devotions went during the day and did the Stations.
    Easter Sun. and Mon. On Easter Sunday children and old people went from house to house looking for Easter eggs what they called their "Plydogue". They were kept until Easter Mon. when people feasted on them and wagered to see who would be able to eat the most eggs.
    May Day. On May Day there was a bush erected on the highest manure heap in the farmyard. Farm labourers
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