School: Gusserane

Gusserane, Co. Wexford
Bríghid, Bean Nic Fheorais
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0871, Page 325

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0871, Page 325

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  1. My Home district
    Nash - my home district is situated in the parish of Tintern in the barony of Shelburne. Now, of but little importance, Nash, was once famous mainly on account of the fairs and large public meetings held here from very ancient times up to about thirty-five years ago. The chief reason for it being discontinued was, that there was a railway station in Ballycullane and Campile in recent years and so the fair was to change these places. The fair-green which is now divided in fields and fenced away occupied (in fields) five Irish acres of land.
    Those fairs were particularly noted for the faction fights which were held there but as the natives point out, it was the people who came into the place for the fair who fought.
    In more ancient times this faction fighting was a skilled and honourable game, for as they were forbidden to have arms, they used sticks as the spears were used at the great fairs of Tara.
    It is believed that Nash got its name from the fair-green, and it is supposed to be the same as Naas in Kildare, in the Irish language. Another theory is however that it got its name from a forge, and since there was always a forge there and is yet that is
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    Nash, Co. Wexford