School: Clanna Caoilte (B.) (roll number 12286)

Clonakilty, Co. Cork
Ss. Ó Síthe

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Some West Cork Place Names - Territories

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0311, Page 222

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In West Cork we have still names of old territories surviving through the application of the place word is no longer a correct indication of the original area. We have, for instance Carbery, Muskerry, Corcalee, Kinelmeaky, Cinealea, Cineal Laoghaire, Muinntirvara, Beara, etc. these are survivals of old tribal designations.

Carbery:- The origin of this name has erroneously been attributed to one of the O’Donovan family who migrated to West Cork from Co. Limerick in the 12 century. The truth is that the name was known on Cork three hundred years before the O Donovans came south. I read in a fragment of the Book of Leinster and entry 916 A.D. which says: “Thainig Righ Raghnall

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