School: Clanna Caoilte (B.) (roll number 12286)

Clonakilty, Co. Cork
Ss. Ó Síthe

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Old and New Ideas of Spraying Potatoes

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0311, Page 107

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"Old and New Ideas of Spraying Potatoes".

Long stretches of land and water with many a range between - from China to the Mediterranean and thence to the shores of Donegal Bay!
I was reminded of this infancy during my weekend ramblings, when watching a busy husbandman walking at a brisk pace between the potato drills, and pumping a grey-blue mist from a bronze metal knapsack on his back. Spraying potatoes he was a regular, wholesome sight on Irish tillage landscapes late in June.
They say it was Alexander the Great that brought the silkworm, the mulberry tree and vine to Europe from the Asiatic conquerings. When bacteria in later centuries threatened both these industries in their new homes in Southern France, science came to the rescue. By spraying the shrubs and trees with

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