School: Slattagh (roll number 13879)

Moher, Co. Roscommon
Brian Ó Baoighill
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0256, Page 052

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0256, Page 052

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    One time a man went to cut a tree that the black pig used to sleep under.

    One time a man went to cut a tree that the black pig used to sleep under. As he was cutting it the tree began to bleed. He kept on cutting it and did not take any notice of the blood. When it was cut he brought it down and laid it in the garden. In the evening, when the cattle were coming home two of them jumped across the tree and died. Next morning the man's arms were all swollen and he also felt very sick. One night when he was groaning with pain a figure appeared to him in the room and told him to leave back the tree where he cut it. In the morning he left back the tree and he had no more pains after that.
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    Jack Mullaney
    Culleenaghamore, Co. Roscommon
    W. Mullaney
    Culleenaghamore, Co. Roscommon