School: Ráth Mhór (B.) (roll number 16987)

Rathmore, Co. Kerry
Diarmuid Ó Cróinín

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The Bog Road Ambush near Ráth Mhór, 4th May 1921

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0451, Page 092

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In compliance with instructions from G.H.Q all suspicious looking persons were held up, searched and questioned. Amongst those was a man named Thomas Sullivan, a ballad singer. He was arrested in Cnoc na Groidhe in April 1921 After a Battalion mobilisation at the "City" (Cathair Crobh Dearg). On May 1st at which about 500 men drilled in the open Tom Sullivan was courtmarshalled and sentence of death was passed on him.

On the same occasion two British Soldiers who were captured some few days previous were also tried and a like sentence was passed on them. An appeal for a stay of execution in the soldiers' case was successful but alas! it was a short respite and those two paid the penalty about the end of June.
Tom was destined to play a big part in the ambush at the Bog Road on the 4th May.
On that morning at about 4 a.m, Sullivan went before his Creator with whom he had made his peace at 11 p.m. on the previous night. His body was placed on the Bog Road at about 100 yards south of where the old Coach road joins it. The volunteers who were marshalled not far from the place, were ordered into positions

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