School: Baile na hEaglaise (Chapeltown)

Chapeltown, Co. Kerry
Mícheál Ó hAiniféin

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The Teampaillín - Fenit Island

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0438, Page 270

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This is the remains of an ancient church. It is situated about 200 yds inland and south-west of the Castle in Fenit Island. It is marked on the Ordnance Survey Map.
I took measurements of it which are as follows:- (Sketch)

Length 44 feet exterior.
Breadth 22 feet exterior.
Thickness of walls 3 ft.
Stone is local. No mortar - mud and stone walls.
The walls are now only 2 or 3 ft. high in places and the interior is covered with briars and refuse and seemed to have originally been a good deal lower than the level of the land outside. The field in which it is situated is called "The Church Field." and belongs to Thomas McCarthy. This old church and its surroundings occupies about 1/4 of an English acre in the corner of a big field.
Around the ruin are numbers of rough stones standing on end, most likely a burial ground. Until quite lately they buried unbaptised children in the graveyard.
Hollows in the ground nearby would indicate there were other buildings also close to the church proper. The 1/4 acre in which

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Mícheál Ó hAinféin
Tralee, Co. Kerry