School: Druim Mór

Dromore, Co. Sligo
Seosamh Ó Catháin

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Druim Mór | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0167, Page 0400

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Away up in the mountains lived an old man named Manus Bán. He was very pious and prayed all his life. He lived in a little thatched cabin. The night he died a terrible storm raged and so bad was it that it took the roof off poor Manus Bán's cabin. During the night it rained very heavily. When someone came to see Manus Bán next morning not knowing that he was dead, found him laid overboard, no roof on his cabin and not a drop of rain came in during the whole night. People said that Manus Bán must have been a Saint.

Seosamh Ó Catháin
Dromore West, Co. Sligo
Miss B. Flynn
Farranmacfarrell, Co. Sligo

(Another version of the story given to me by John Fox on Page 23). Nrar Loch a Croidhe in Skreen Co Sligo. there lived two lived two herds. They owned the whole countryside for miles round. One of them had always to mind the cattle, to keep them from straying into the crops and guard them from "Cattle Rustlers". One of them while out herding one cold night saw in the distance a small cottage with a light burning. He made for the cottage and entered it. Inside was only an old woman. She had a fine fire blazing on the hearth and told him to sit down and warm himself. He told her he would soon have to leave that he had to mind his cattle. She told him not to be troubled about the cattle as they would do no damage.

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