School: Tuar an Fhíona, Cluain Meala

Tooraneena, Co. Waterford
Gearóid Ó Coindealbháin

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Tuar an Fhíona, Cluain Meala | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0647, Page 245

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and yet they had plenty besides. The year after however, the crop failed. At first they ate turnips but they lasted only a short time. Owing to the want of food they both got fever and died on the same night.

Many games of different kinds are played outdoors in the fine long Summer evenings. The ones most commonly played around here are The Four-Cornered Fool; Hide and Seek; Pitch and Toss; A Hunt; High Gates; France; Donkey; Hide the Button.
These are some of the games that are played indoors in the dreary Winter nights. Blindman's Buff; Belt; Long Steps and many other games also. Some of those games are very interesting and now

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Pádraig Teidhirs
Cahernaleague, Co. Waterford