School: Caladh (C.) (roll number 8740)

Callow, Co. Mayo
Bean Uí Éaráin

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0126, Page 61

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Collonaughton is the name of my village. It is in the parish of Killasser, in the townland of Collonaughton, and in the barony of Gallen. Most of the houses are thatched and there are six slated ones in it.
Collonaughton got its name from the wood that belonged to Naughton. There are two very old people in my village. Their names are Mrs. Healy, and Biddy Ratchford. They cannot tell any stories. They say they have not any memory. They are over seventy years of age.
There is the ruin of an old house in my village. A man named Mártan Larry owned it long ago. There are three lakes in my village also. Their names are, loch Muc, loch Chíste, and Callow lake. Lillies grow in loch Chíste. There is no bottom in it. It is believed there is a pot of gold in it. The land is hilly.

(name not given)
Cuillonaghtan, Co. Mayo