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Coimín Boston, Co. Chill Dara
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The Local Roads

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The Local Roads
We have the Back Road, the Main Road, the Carriage Road, and the New Road. The Back Road leads from Rathangar to Milltown + is so called because it passes behind Boston Hill from one side of it. The Main Road leads from Rathangar to Allen. It is the Bus route but indeed its not a good road. The Carriage Road leads to New Park from the Hill of the Rock. The New Road (really a well cared boreen) branches off the Rathangar Allen Road at Pluckerstown goes through the Culwater Bog in a semi circle and comes out at Barked Cottage Teighcullen where there is still another bye road going to the Canal Bridge. These roads were made long, long ago. The older people make an odd half forgotten reference to the time labourers were employed levelling the Main Road mentioned above near our school. Here there is a Great fall from the school to Taghcullen Cross. It was even more steep

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May Corcoran
Coimín Boston, Co. Chill Dara