School: Boston (roll number 10212)

Bostoncommon, Co. Kildare
Bean Uí Dhocharthaigh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0777, Page 167

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0777, Page 167

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    Mike Lennon of Pluckerstown, Naas, asserts that he heard this vehicle in November five years ago, and again the following year but saw nothing. It was supposed to be seen once, and it had a big axle joining two big wheels. A man stood on this frame. Two black horses drew this ghostly coach.
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  2. Once a man waled from Tullamore to a fair in the Co. Wicklow. He started out for the fair at the same time as the man who had horses and carts did. He passed by all the cars, yet he never ran a step. He reached the fair before the others. He sold a horse there and walked back to Tullamore that evening. I do not know his name, but he has friends still named Lyons, at Ballyteague, Kilmeague, Naas, Co. Kildare.
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    Bridie Heffernan
    Feighcullen, Co. Kildare