School: Baile Ard

Ballard, Co. Clare
Tomás Ó Floinn

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Baile Ard | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0627, Page 089

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There were as many as 40 side cars at that castle but now a few motors come from Kilkee for a few hours every day and leave again without partaking of any refreshments.

There was one Shebeen shop in Baltard long ago about the year 1850 and the old man who owned it was very lame and his wife Peg was very lame also. His name was Mickey McMahon but I do not know was he a cousin of the old hedge-teacher, who taught the old hedge school in Killard or not. However he was a very intelligent man and had several charms some of which are related in another part of this book.
As he had no children several people used to go in "Cuaird" there every night and sit around the bog deal fire telling stories. They had no other light at the time but the light that came from the "Smután" of bog deal placed in the

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