School: Alt an Chuilinn

Altachullion, Co. Cavan
Brigid Martin

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Alt an Chuilinn | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0966, Page 154

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There is an old graveyard in Drumboory-along Drumboory land.
It is hundreds of years out of use as the tombstones have sunken down in the ground and are overgrown with moss and grass.

It is round in shape and raised a bit in the centre. It is known as '' crocán '' and slopes to the East North and South. There are a few old trees growing in the churchyard.
There is another old graveyard in Killaghaduff in Kinawley Parish. Many people from the district are buried there. It was the burial place long before the present Parish Church and graveyard came into use.
There is the ruins of an old monastery in Killaghaduff-one of the wells is still standing and it is said that the well will fall on some funeral some day
Some say it will a funeral of an O Reilly

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Eugene Maguire
Gubrawully, Co. Cavan