School: Alt an Chuilinn

Altachullion, Co. Cavan
Brigid Martin

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Famous Persons of the District - Dancers and Singers

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0966, Page 007

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Pat Mallanaphy, Drumbeagh, Matt McManus Gubrawoolly, Ellen (Dan) McGovern Dunlave were famous step-dancers.

Pat Mallanaphy won a prize for Dancing at a Party given by the Landlord Beresford at Owendoon, Bawnboy. (50 years ago.)
Matt McManus danced on a Side Plate for fifteen minutes & did no injury to the Plate.
1. Mrs. Pat McGoldrick Tullylugfinn was a famous singer (7 years dead).
2. Frank McAvitty (still living) Altercock and
3. James Maguire Gowlan (dead a short time) made songs and sung them. Songs about local events.
4. Tom McGoldrick Clohogue, Swanlinbar made a song about the attempt made by the Orangemen to take Swanlinar R.C. Church -12th August 1868. Landlord intended to destroy the Church because the Catholics didn't pay rent for it. (80 years ago)