School: Alt an Chuilinn

Altachullion, Co. Cavan
Brigid Martin

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0966, Page 036

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A man from the Molly mountain was going to a weaver who lived in Rourke-field with some flannel to get made into clothes.
Evening was coming on and a neighbour meeting him advised him not to venture the journey or else he'd be benighted- night would follow and he might lose his way.But the man said he'd go on that he could sleep with "Ben Auchlin" that night. Ben Auchlin is the name of a mountain but it was probably called after some famous person of long ago.
The man went on his journey and sometimes later in the night he met a strange-looking man who asked him if he intended to sleep with "Ben Auchlin". The man was very much afraid as he had only been joking when he mentioned "Ben Auchlin's"

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