School: Alt an Chuilinn

Altachullion, Co. Cavan
Brigid Martin

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Historical Tradition

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0966, Page 133

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'' Maguire's Chair '' is situated about half-a-mile from The School. It is part of a huge sand-stone quarry known as the Black Rocks, and is along the road from Dernacrieve to Glangevlin.
There are many reasons given for calling the Rock
'' Maguire's Chair. ''
Some say that many years ago Maguire of Fermanagh declared war on Mac Govern of Ballymagovern and that he and his army rested at Maguire's Chair on there way to Ballymagovern.
Another story says that Maguire was elected chief of the clan here.
Again it is told that a dispute in the district and that the parties concerned agreed to meet at the Black Rocks and asked the Chieftain Maguire to come and decide the case. It is said Maguire came

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