School: Alt an Chuilinn

Altachullion, Co. Cavan
Brigid Martin

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Old Schools

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0966, Page 008

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There were hedge-schools in Drumbeagh Lane, two in Derryrealt and one in Drumcash.
Teachers in Drumbeagh Lane named Cox and Maginnis. The place was long known as Cox's Lane.
Teachers in Derryrealt named Cassidy and Doogan came from Gortoral every morning-about five miles.
There was an old school in Aughaboy on the rock near Swanlinbar
John McGovern, Mary Byrne (Swanlinbar) Hannah & Annie Maguire (Gubrawoollly) taught in this school.
The people of this district paid the teacher. There was an old school in Altachullin near Barney Reilly's. It was a thatched School with mud-walls. It was very uncomfortable. The present Altachullion School replaced it in the year 1890.
The old school in Altachullion belonged to the Government. The Government paid the Teachers.