School: Dulargy (roll number 13670)

Doolargy, Co. Louth
James Mc Creesh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0660, Page 011

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0660, Page 011

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  1. In the townland the mountains retain their ancient names ie. the Beann, the corcan, baintlac (?) na mBan etc.

    The Cairnan House. This is a name given to a building on the top of Annaverna mountain. It is built of stone with a cave leading underneath but unfortunately this cave has been destroyed by the volunteers of 1916.
    The house though constructed of stone is in the midst of a bog containing over one hundred acres, and there is not a stone within a long distance of the house. They were probably carried from a distance.
    According to Mr McQuaid of O'Meath some persons a few years ago found the remains of an urn beside the cairn but thinking it was a broken flower pot put no suim in it, but later it was discovered to be the remains of a burial urn.
    A geat lios in the middle of the townland is Lios-an-Siogal (?) but whether this means the Priest's lios or the Rye lios I cannot find out.
    In the midst of the hill side stands an old pound erected by the Landowners of old times. In this were impounded all the cattle seized by the agents and drivers. It is an imposing structure which would remind you of an old gaol. It is now disused. The former pound stood alongside of Ravensdale - road but was removed by Lord Clarmont , who built a doctor's house on the site.
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    Anaverna, Co. Louth