School: Inch, Borrisoleigh (roll number 2836)

Inch, Co. Tipperary
Mrs Delaney

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Inch, Borrisoleigh | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0550, Page 365

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It had no chimney & the fire was made at the gable wall. There were wooden shutters for windows & those were opened to allow some of the smoke to escape.
The floors were made of the scrapings of the roads. After being walked on they got quite hard but they were always very cold.
Half-doors are very common in this district and were always so. Their object was to keep fowl & animals from entering the kitchen as the door was kept open as much as possible to admit air & light.
As bogs are very numerous turf was & is the fuel used. The timber - bog-deal & bog-oak - found in the bogs was also used for fires.
Bog-oak was also used for rafters, lintels for doors, cross-beams Etc.
For giving light at night: Bog-deal splinters, candles, dips & rush-lights were used.
Pieces of bog-deal were placed near the fire or up the chimney & left there to dry thoroughly. They were then broken into small splinters which were kept near the fire for use. When a light was required one of them was stuck into a sod of turf or onto a turnip which served as a candlestick.

Eileen Delaney
Palace Street, Co. Tipperary