School: Inch, Borrisoleigh (roll number 2836)

Inch, Co. Tipperary
Mrs Delaney

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A Ghostly Dog

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0550, Page 330

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The even of this story took place about sixty years ago. There is a stream called "Thadys Stream running across the road between Annfield and Clonmore. One night a certain man of the district was going home and he had to cross the stream on his way home. Just then a big black ferocious looking dog appeared and made as if to attack the man. He was not afraid at first but the dogs attacks compelled him to turn back.
Seeing this, he turned back and knocked at the door of a small house at the cross. This house is still there. At that time there lived in it a man named Paddy Stapleton. The traveller told him his story and asked that he may stay there for the night. But Paddy Stapleton was very courageous and insisted they both return to the stream and put the dog to flight if they could.
However, before he set out. He armed himself with his rosary beads and holy water. Sure enough there on the bridge was this terrible looking animal. Immediately Paddy made circles of Holy Water round himself and the man as they moved on. Gradually the dog in this way was driven back and suddenly to the terror but relief of the two men he disappeared into the ditch in the shape of a ball of fire. Fortunately this was never seen here since.

Joan O' Dwyer
Goldengrove, Co. Tipperary