School: Baile na Carraige, Cill Díoma (roll number 11295)

Ballynacarriga, Co. Limerick
Séamus Ó Gríobhtha
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0504, Page 230

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0504, Page 230

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  1. XML School: Baile na Carraige, Cill Díoma
  2. XML Page 230
  3. XML “Hidden Treasure - Mr Draymour's Hoard”
  4. XML “Hidden Treasure - The Collar of Gold”

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  1. A man named Mr Dramour had much gold. One day he put it in a heap in a high room. He opened his sky ligh. A crow came by he went in the sky light. The crow took the gold day after day. He made a nest of it on a tree. A man was working for Mr Dramour. He saw the crow taking the gold to the nest. He went to the nest and got 500 pieces of gold. He left horses and plough after him. He went home. Mr Dramour never say again. He was very rich from that out. This treasure happened over a hundred years ago.
    Transcribed by a member of our volunteer transcription project.