School: Baile na Carraige, Cill Díoma (roll number 11295)

Ballynacarriga, Co. Limerick
Séamus Ó Gríobhtha
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0504, Page 231

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0504, Page 231

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  1. The olden people in the 19th century believed that there was treasures hidden in the old ruins and forts which are numerous in this district. As people were very superstitious they believed such treasure was guarded by magic. So firm was their belief in such things it was not unusual for someone to dream of crocks of gold and go digging for it as the dreamer directed by such belief is fast dying out.
    One such person and a few young men went digging for treasure in a fort in the townland of Ballydoole and found nothing for their trouble. But the dream was remarkable for they found a large flagstone under which the treasure was supposed to be concealed. This happened about 80 years ago and the treasure was supposed to be in Mr. (Fitt) Fitzgerald's land.
    Another dreamer had a dream of treasure being hidden in a fort also in the town-land of Ballydoole. He too went with some men to dig for it but they ran away as they were frightened by a boat comming up the Shannon.
    The only treasure found in the neighbourhood
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    Agnes O Brien
    Cartown, Co. Limerick
    William O Brien
    Cartown, Co. Limerick