School: An Fearann (roll number 14438)

Farran, Co. Cork
Muiris Buttimer
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0345, Page 307

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0345, Page 307

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    Socks were knit with with this thread and when frieze was needed this home-spun wool was woven at Dripsey mills.
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  2. Basket making and pannier making was an art which was commonly possessed in Irish country places until recent years. Most old men were capable hand s at making both. But some people made their living at the trade.
    A man named John Mac Carthy from the Crookstown district specialised in it and found a ready market at the church gates on Sundays especially during autumn. He also attended local fairs where he readily disposed of his goods to farmers and others.
    For basket making it was necessary for him to have a supply of sally twigs and also some stronger sticks of hazel or sally to make the frames. All those required to be well seasoned before being used. To make a basket he got the frame into a U shape binding both ends together with some twigs. Then the body frames or ribs usually about three or four were fitted in . Having done this the remainder of the work consisted of plaiting the whole frame with light twigs until it was complete.
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    Daniel F. Murphy
    Currahaly, Co. Cork
    Mr Denis Murphy
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