School: Toames, Maghcromtha (roll number 15478)

Tooms, Co. Cork
Seán de Búrca
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0338, Page 214

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0338, Page 214

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  1. It is stated that in the land of Mr. Desmond Keclnarovanagh, a treasure is hidden under a hawthorn tree in a field about two hundred yards to the west of the old house.
    A person by the name of Murphy dreamt that it was hidden there and therefore came to look for it. It was told to him in his dream that he should search for it in the night-time only and that he should bring nobody with him. He came at about twelve o'clock and brought a pick and shovel with him. He found the tree and set to work to dig around it. At last the shovel touched an iron box. He put down his hand to pick up the box but at that moment a kind of earthquake rent the ground. The man ran for his life but fell before he reached his home which was near the place. People searched for Murphy on the following day and they found him half dazed. He told them his story but as he was about to tell them which tree the treasure was under he died.
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