School: Hewetson, Clane (roll number 13902)

Millicent North, Co. Kildare
Sean Crawford
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0774, Page 040

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0774, Page 040

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  1. Killamery is a village in Co. Kilkenny. It is situated at the foot of a hill known as Carroll's Hill. In this village stands an old church now in ruins. In the graveyard of this church is a holy well. There is also an old cross which was brought there by night by someone unknown. On the top of the cross lies a stone which is supposed to cure a headache instantly if placed on the top of the head. There are only seven crosses like this one in Ireland.
    In this churchyard St Amery is said to have been killed by Cromwell, hence the name "Killamery
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    William Persse
    Killamery, Co. Kilkenny