School: Hewetson, Clane (roll number 13902)

Millicent North, Co. Kildare
Sean Crawford
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0774, Page 013

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0774, Page 013

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  1. A person travelling from Monasterevan to Mountmellick may observe an old ruin called Lee Castle. Lee being the name of the barony or townland. This castle was built during the Famine to give employment. It is about thirty yards from the river Barrow & people say there is a tunnel running under the castle out to the river & therefore, it is a very good place for fishing because the fish live in the castle at night!
    There is also a moat running round the castle & when the river is in flood the water fills the moat & generally floods the field as well. The people who live near the castle are afraid to go near the moat when it is in flood in case the fairies would
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