School: Hewetson, Clane (roll number 13902)

Millicent North, Co. Kildare
Sean Crawford
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0774, Page 028

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0774, Page 028

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  2. XML Page 028
  3. XML “The Vengeance of the Fairies”

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  1. A man and his wife had a son and the son went to work in Scotland. One [?] when the man was going to his work his wife did not want him to go because the ban-shee had been crying all through the previous night. The woman waited up until twelve o'clock that night on her husband coming home. She used to look out through the window to see if her husband was coming home. After a long time she saw his horse coming to the window with blood on him, so she knew that her husband was dead. The next day three men came to the house to comfort her until her son would come home. That night the ban-shee was crying worse than ever, and one of the men got a gun and went out and fired towards the spot where the crying was coming from. When he fired he saw about twelve little men without heads running towards a carriage
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    Edward Neale
    Coolcarrigan, Co. Kildare