School: Hewetson, Clane (roll number 13902)

Millicent North, Co. Kildare
Sean Crawford
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0774, Page 007

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0774, Page 007

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  3. XML “The Curse on the Cassidys”

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  1. In the town of Monasterevan, Co. Kildare, there is the remains of an old brewery, which belonged to a man named Cassidy. It is said that this man had the right annually to save one person from being hanged.
    It once happened that a priest was sentenced to be hanged at Monasterevan. Hearing of the right held by Cassidy, the priest begged him to save him, but Cassidy refused, where upon the priest put curse on the name of Cassidy & declared that in time to come the name of Cassidy would not be heard in the town of Monasterevan. For many years none of the name of Cassidy have lived in Monasterevan or are there any living there even now.
    A second curse pronounced by the priest was that "in time to come the crows would build their nests in Cassidy's
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    George Thompson
    Monasterevin, Co. Kildare