School: Hewetson, Clane (roll number 13902)

Millicent North, Co. Kildare
Sean Crawford
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0774, Page 005

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0774, Page 005

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  3. XML “Carbury Hill, Co. Kildare”

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  1. Once upon a time two young men went to Carbury Hill to net rabbits by night. When they had the net set a voice told them to leave the rabbits there & go home. Frightened by the voice one of the men fainted, so the other had to carry him home. Not long afterwards, one of the men dreamed, three nights in succession that there was gold buried under the Hill, & he was directed to go to a certain place where he would see a large black dog with fiery eyes.
    The man, accordingly, proceeded to the hill & when he reached the appointed place the dog opened a big iron door & let him in. As he went in he was warned not to look behind him, because if he did he would not get the gold.
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    Tom Manders
    Staplestown, Co. Kildare