School: Breac-Cluain (B.) (roll number 16217)

Brackloon, Co. Kerry
Pádraig Ó Séaghdha
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0426, Page 593

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0426, Page 593

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    There was a woman there long ago.

    There was a woman there long ago. She had one son. Her husband died when the child was very young. The woman reared him up the best way she could. His name was Jack. There was a wood near them. Every day he used go into the wood gathering the withered branches to make fire. One day in the wood he saw a hare running near him and a fox after him. He shot the fox. The hare turned back and said to Jack, "you saved my life. And I'll do as much for you some day. He used go gathering the wood every day. A short time after he saw a hawk hunting a pigeon. He shot the hawk. Well said the pigeon you saved my life and my three young ones. And I'll pay you back some day. Jack grew up to be a fine handsome strong man. He said to his mother one day it is time for me now to go and earn my living. His mother was very lonesome after him, but she hadn't nothing to give him. She told him that his father's sword was there and she gave it to him. She said to him any man that had this sword that he was never
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