School: Muine Mór (roll number 13456)

Meenymore, Co. Leitrim
Liam Ó Briain
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0195, Page 388

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0195, Page 388

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  1. Festival Customs.
    Here are the feasts of the year. January the first the Circumcision, January the 6th the Epiphany, St.Brigid's day, St. Patrick's day, Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Ascension Thursday, St. Peter and Pauls day, 15th of August, St. Martain's night, Halloween, The Immaculate Conception, Christmas day, St. Stephen's day,

    New year's day is the first of January and the first of the New Year. All the Catholics go to Mass on this day. Some years go the people never put out the ashes or threw out dirty water as they said it was not lucky. On this night at twelve o'clock the water changes to wine. On that night a man sat up and was got dead on the bank of the river in the morning. If the flood rises on that might provision will be high and wages low and if it does not rise provision will be low and wages high.
    January the 6th the Epiphany or old Christmas day. All Catholics go to Mass on this day and the children leave their shoes for Santa Claus.
    Next comes St Brigids day the people
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