School: Muine Mór (roll number 13456)

Meenymore, Co. Leitrim
Liam Ó Briain

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A Fairy Fort

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0195, Page 356

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There is an old fairy fort in the townland of Slievenard. There are lights seen at it often. One night people were coming home from a bottle drink in Pat McPartlins and they saw three little fairies outside of it dancing and singing for all they were worth. They were dressed in different colours. The people went down to see would they catch them but when they went to the place they were gone.
Another day two men went to cut bushes in it for fire wood but when they were cutting the bushes they heard several little voices saying leave them alone or ye will die and they left them alone and no one went near them since.

Kathleen A. Mc Partlin