School: Lucan (B.)

Lucan, Co. Dublin
M. Mac Rois
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0794, Page 261

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0794, Page 261

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  3. XML “The Devil's Mill”

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  1. There is an old mill two miles from Lucan and along the lower road. It is on the left bank of the river Liffey beside the Wren's Nest, a public house owned by a man named Ennis. The mill was built by a man named Annaly. There is story about it. When Lord Annaly wanted to build a mill he hired labourers to do the work. They started work one day, but when evening came they had little done. When the workmen had gone home, a man came to lord Annaly and told him that he was a mason, and was out of work. Lord Annaly gave him a job, and the asked for
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