School: Baile Uí Dhuibh, Kilmeaden (roll number 13636)

Ballyduff West, Co. Waterford
Caitlín Madders

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0650, Page 255

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Long ago there were people liv-
ing in Blacknock, near Kilmeaden,
about seven miles from Waterford,
and they had a good milking cow,
and she died.
So one day, a cow, and a calf, came to them, and this cow was a
good milking cow.
Any vessel that would be put under
her, she would fill it.
So one day, the servant brought out, a sieve, and the cow could not fill it,
but the servant kept on milking her.
So the cow and calf bawled, and
ran down the field, and were never
heard of again.
There is a place in Blacknock
"called the cow's track", where the
footsteps of the cow and the three
holes of the milking stool, are still
to be seen there.