Scoil: Knocktemple (B.)

Knockatemple, Co. an Chabháin
W. Tuite

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Montha - an impediment or catch in the voice

Naumee - speaking with a Montha tone

nick-name for a man who had his face almost entirely covered by a heavy beard.

nick-name for a man who shaved about once a fortnight and whose stubble stuck straight out from his jaws.
The real "Garron-Geea" or "God's Horse" is a hairy grub or maggot found in gardens in Autumn.

Skaulk and Skalk-oge
a green coating on water in a bog-hole, also the little shamrock-like leaves seen there. I have also been told the name is applied to water-plants with wide leaves which grow at the lake.

the dried cabbage stalk or stem after the head has been removed.

Meyhaal (Meitheal)
a number of men who assemble to set potatoes, cut turf, reap corn etc for some person who has met with misfortune.

a self-willed, contankerous small man

Gishtera - an important Gishkereen, conceited
Schulk(?) - an obstinate (?) morose young girl
Pronshaa or Barshaa - a fat domineering vulgar woman
Mockon(?) - a well-shaped heavy-built young bullock

a heifer that becomes a cow before she is two years old

Creel or Cleeve
a box-shaped basket for carrying potatoes, usually holds eight or ten stones.

Errish - the rope used for carrying the creel
Hurrish - a call to the pigs
Moonoo - fear

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