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Customs at Wakes and Funerals

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Ar an leathanach seo

"Happy is the Corpse that the Rain Falls on"

The Bean-Side is heard before the death of members of certain families.
The person who washes and lays out the corpse should also push it into the coffin.
When the lid of the coffin is closed it should not be opened again.
The water in which the corpse is washed is kept in a vessel under the bed and is thrown out after the coffin when it is being removed from the corpse house.
Clocks are stopped in the house when a person dies.
You should not go to visit a sick person on coming home from a funeral.
People do not like visiting a grave-yard except with a funeral.
It is considered dangerous to stumble or fall in a graveyard.
Expectant mothers never go into a grave yard.
If a coffin is put into a wrong grave by mistake, and has to be taken up again. It is said that some one of the persons who were in the taking up of it would be dead before twelve months.