Scoil: Granagh (C.), Brúgh Ríogh (uimhir rolla 9928)

Greanach, Co. Luimnigh
Máire Ní Leidhin

Scag na scéalta

Taifeach: Íseal | Ard
Cnoc Fírinne

Tagairt Chartlainne

Bailiúchán na Scol, Imleabhar 0499, Leathanach 175

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Ar an leathanach seo

Cnoc Firinne is a Commonage, and in THE BAD TIMES people used to come from all parts, and build Scalps (Scailpeanna) to live in. These were very numerous during that time. The poor men did a day's work when they got the chance. Their wages were four-pence a day. During the Famine when there was nothing to eat but turnip leaves, one poor man died of hunger, because he was too honest to steal and too proud to beg.

Stealing was very rife in those days. Some were noted for stealing.
One man in particular used to go up on the hill for a FAGGOT, and very often used the faggot as a hiding place for a goose or duck which he had killed. Even a sheep was sometimes killed and hidden in this way.
A family - named Dore - were powerful strong men and noted for doing things of this kind.
Flour used to be taken out in Cart loads from a mill in Limerick to some of the small towns and very often the cars used to be held up at Kilmacow Cross by the Knockfierna Boys, and the flour taken.
This became so common that soldiers were

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