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Grange House

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Grange House.
Grange House is situated in the parish of Kilbride. It is about a mile from our house It is situated in a very nice spot and surrounded by large trees - oak, elm, ash and Horsechestnuts Long ago Grange was a much frequented place by all the old residents of Roscommon, Sligo and Longford. even people from distant parts of Ireland came to see the place. Shedlough River flowed beside the house and entered Shadlough Lake about a mile away. The banks of the river were covered with trees and flowers.
Grange House was built by a man named Farrell. he died suddenly some years after building the House and planting the grounds and making it as beautiful as was in his power. It is said that for years afterwards the place was haunted by his ghost. It happened one night when the people thought that all was settled a crowd gathered to play cards in the house and first at mid-night they heard terrible noise in a room upstairs. At first they thought it was only some of the people of the home trying to frighten them and they kept on Card-playing.
After a while when all was quiet again and they in the middle of the game they heard another unearthly noise and the whole house was shaken from top to bottom. At first they were too frightened to move.

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Martin Dempsey
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Carrowndangan, Co. Ros Comáin