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A Story

Tagairt Chartlainne

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Once upon a time all the little birds used to talk. A poor little wren lost all her feathers one day and she was very sad. She asked all the other birds to give her some of their feathers.
They were all willing to give them except the Owl, who said "I cannot give any, for there will soon be snow and I shall want them to keep me warm. When the king of birds heard this he was very angry and he said he would punish the owl severely.
"From this day" said the Eagle "you shall be cold, and you shall never leave your nest only by night. If you fly by day the other birds will peck you". From that day to this the owl has never left off crying "Whoo! Whoo", as if he were dying of cold.

John Reddy
Gairm bheatha
Newtown Farragher, Co. Ros Comáin