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A Man and His Ass

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0263, Page 094

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Long, long ago in dim and distant days - even before history was written - when pigs were called swine, and swallows built nests in old men's whiskers; it was not in my time, nor in your time but it was in somebody's time when Jonnie the Rover was born. His name was not Jonnie the Rover but that was the name the people called him as he grew up because he was always roving away from his home.
Although Jonnie was a rover he was a very clever and good natured lad. It happened however one day while he was on a roving expedition through one of the great forests in Ireland when suddenly he found himself upon a broad and very dusty road which seemed to lead North. He had not gone very far down the road when he saw a man with a donkey riding towards him. The man was commonly dressed and was wearing a hat and he had a kind of satchel on his back. He seemed to be in a great hurry, and was every now and then beating the donkey with a cudgel.
As Jonnie passed being of a very polite disposition he gave the man "good day" asking him at the same time why he beat the donkey : whereupon the fellow eyeing him told him to mind his own business.
Jonnie went on his way and said no more

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John Hurley
Carrowndangan, Co. Roscommon