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Care of Our Farm Animals

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Bailiúchán na Scol, Imleabhar 0096, Leathanach 27

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Care of Our Farm Animals. 12-2-38

The chief and most useful farm animals are cows, horses, pigs and dogs. The cows supply us with milk. Horses are a great help to the farmers particularly in Spring, because they draw the plough through the land and saves the farmer the trouble of digging it. Pigs supply us with bacon. Although the dog is a small animal he is very useful to the farmer because he gathers the cattle and guards the home.
Cows have got names of their own such as 'Betty" Blackie and Polly". When a person is driving the cows to the field the word "hursh", twigie or hour is used. When driving them into the stable the person says "isreach seo". When calling the calves she says "suck suck".
The cow house is the best kept of all the out houses. In our cow house there is a wall about one foot high which separates the cows. The managers of the cattle sometimes make a board partition between them. The mangers are made of cement. Cow houses are also called "byres".
The cows are tied with chains nowadays but long ago they were tied by straw and rush ropes around the neck. They are tied by the horns and legs when

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Katie M. Walker