School: Bunlahy, Granard

Bunlahy, Co. Longford
Mrs Brady

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Bunlahy, Granard | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0765, Page 233

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The Hidden Treasure

About seventy years ago there was a man of the name of Kiernan who was in America.
He was working for a family, and in the summer when they would go out to the country he used to caretake the house in the town while they were away.
One night when he went to bed he put out the light as usual. It was not long until a man walked into the room with a candle in one hand, and a basin with water, soap and a razor in the other hand.
He told Kiernan to sit up till he would shave him; Kiernan sat up and the strange man lathered his face and then shaved him. When he had him shaved he walked out of the room with the articles in his hands, but Kiernan never spoke.

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